Summer School at the Academy for Peace and Justice began yesterday. But the programs offered this summer may not be what you would typically expect from summer school sessions. Yes, Summer School at the Academy is an opportunity for students to take extra classes to prepare for the coming school year, but it also provides our students an outlet to have some extra summer fun!

During the next couple months, the Academy is offering crafts, karate lessons, sports teams, and access to the new computer labs. The oldest students will also be able to attend introductory courses in Nursing, Plumbing, Telecommunications, and Electrician Work with Solar Specialization at the professional school St. Francis de Assisi, which is run by the St. Luke Foundation.

We’re committed to making sure our students get the best education experience possible — and we couldn’t do it without your support. In a country where only 20% of the population receives secondary education, it’s no wonder kids at the Academy love Summer School!