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There is a Haitian Proverb that says:
“Jan ou vini, se jan yo resevwa ou.”
The way you come, is the way they will receive you.

Brands that care and give back help make the world a better place.

APJ’s work is made possible in part by great companies who understand this. Our partners, past and present, walk the walk. They are deeply committed to creating a more balanced, compassionate and just world.  They contribute critical funding, take part in our programs and events, and increase awareness of our work together by sharing its impact with consumers.



Current Sponsor

Founded by Natasha Koifman in 2002, NKPR is a full-service public relations, artist management and digital agency with global reach. NKPR is APJ’s public relations agency.

RIGHT Natasha visiting some of our amazing Academy for Peace and Justice students.

Labatt Event

Past Sponsor

Labatt Logo

Labatt has generously sponsored many APJ Fundraising events in Canada.  Labatt Breweries of Canada has been shaped by over 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where it operates.

RIGHT Massive Shepard Fairey installation printed by Icon at our annual APJ Festival Gala.

Past Sponsor

From 2011 – 2018 BOVET provided support to APJ. First as an event sponsor, and then by becoming APJ’s major brand partner, empowered our most significant accomplishments.

Thanks to BOVET 100% of public funds raised went to programs and as a result over 4,000 scholarships were created.


 LEFT Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822, in a classroom bearing his name at the Academy.

Past Partner

For several years, Vhernier helped to sustain APJ through sponsoring events, funding of new buildings and financing of scholarships. 

Past Partner

Beginning in 2011, and continuing for several years, Brioni  provided dozens of life changing annual scholarships to students at the Academy for Peace and Justice.

They also provided the suits and vests for serving our guests dinner. 

LEFT Jeremy Renner at our APJ Festival Gala during the “Here to Serve” moment.

Past Partner

Josie went to Haiti a number of times and provided support to funding scholarships.

LEFT Josie with APJ’s Brilliant is Beautiful scholarship students.

Past Partner

Our friends at this awesome surf brand came to Haiti to shoot their summer 2017 catalog with the help of Artists Institute graduates.

As a way to give back, they donated 5% of all sales from May and June 2017 (both online and in stores) to fund 40 kids’ education for an entire year, a teacher’s full salary, and classroom maintenance at the Academy.

Read about their trip to Haiti

RIGHT Mike and Alex Faherty in Cité Soleil.

Past Partner

In 2011 and for several years our friends at Northern Lights generously provided post production editorial services to help APJ tell the stories that keep our supporters inspired and engaged.

Past Partner

For several years, Icon Digital provided large-format printing and collateral for all of our events.

RIGHT Massive Shepard Fairey installation printed by Icon at our annual APJ Festival Gala.


Committed brand partners provide financial support to help offset our administrative and fundraising costs.


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