• Programmatic Partners

We understand that a solution will always be found by those closest to the problem. That is why we identify and invest in local grassroots organizations who work at home in their communities to bring about change.

The St. Luke Foundation is a native Haitian benevolent organization, which carries out both works of mercy and works of community development, empowering people whose lives are plagued by poverty and its deadly effects.

St Luke’s work is inspired by Christian values, operates independently of any Church or government, and is very respectful of other religious beliefs. The St. Luke Foundation is an autonomous and independent foundation and is the sole owner and manager of her multiple programs and initiatives. The St. Luke Foundation is very proud of the many partners who enable and strengthen her endeavors in healthcare, education, agriculture, community development and disaster relief in Haiti, through their financial support and their direct and personal involvement with our programs.

Born out of a film festival in 2006 in the town of Jacmel on Haiti’s southern coast, Artists Institute is an ever evolving community organization focused on empowering Haitian youth through training and growth in local creative industries. It sits on a magnificent five acre campus overlooking the Caribbean ocean, has divisions in film production, audio engineering and music production and is frequent collaborator with visiting international artists and productions of all kinds.

Iqra Fund provides access to quality education for children, especially girls, in the most remote tribal regions of Pakistan. Iqra Fund partners with remote tribal communities to provide access to quality education. Their work results in a growing population of educated girls and empowered communities, ultimately serving as a foundation for a thriving and more peaceful nation.

Hope North is a school, a home, and a promise.

Artist and former child soldier Okello Sam founded Hope North in 1998 to provide education and a chance at salvation for those left in the wake of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Hope North is an accredited secondary school, located on a 40-acre campus with an international art center, vocational training, and a working farm, staffed by 26 dedicated Ugandan educators. To date, the school has helped thousands of vulnerable youth. 

All Hands and Hearts Fund, formerly the Happy Hearts Fund, rebuilds safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. They work when children are most likely to be forgotten—during the gap period after emergency response is complete—to bring hope and empowerment to generations of children and entire communities. The APJ / All Hands and Hearts partnership in Peru provides secondary education scholarships to young women from Divino Niño Jesús de Pueblo Nuevo in Chincha and from Santa Rosa de Los Molinos in Ica.