• Working Hand in Hand in the Community

We understand that a solution will always be found by those closest to the problem. That is why we work with St Luke Foundation for Haiti, who works within the community to bring about change.

Our Programmatic Partner

The St. Luke Foundation is a native Haitian benevolent organization, which carries out both works of mercy and works of community development, empowering people whose lives are plagued by poverty and its deadly effects.

St Luke’s work is inspired by Christian values, operates independently of any Church or government, and is very respectful of other religious beliefs. The St. Luke Foundation is an autonomous and independent foundation and is the sole owner and manager of her multiple programs and initiatives. The St. Luke Foundation is very proud of the many partners who enable and strengthen her endeavors in healthcare, education, agriculture, community development and disaster relief in Haiti, through their financial support and their direct and personal involvement with our programs.