Great news from one of our long-term ambassadors, Steve Hawthorne (of PD90), who is embarking on a four part film documentary entitled “Road to World Cup 2014”.

RWC2014 will document the lives and stories of 11 soccer players from across the world and tell the stories of how they achieved their dreams to represent their home nations by playing on the sport’s biggest stage. Soccer is the most universal of global sports, and a language understood by the youngest and the oldest from the most remote locations in Africa to the most cosmopolitan cities in the USA. This of course includes Haiti where passion for the sport runs very, very deep.

Filmed using mobile devices this project crosses many boundaries not typically achieved by bigger film projects. The access to the lives of these players and their most personal stories is remarkable, and especially in its depiction of the role soccer has played in the lives of disadvantaged youth from across the world and as a reminder of the sport’s unique power to unite and inspire us.

A portion of proceeds from the film will be generously donated to APJ to help support our many young fans and footballers at the Academy and Artists Institute. We congratulate Steve Hawthorne and PD90 on this and we look forward to watching it next summer during World Cup 2014 Brazil!