APJ is thrilled to announce our new sports partnership with the amazing Portuguese soccer team Sport Clube Beira Mar. With plans in the works for our new sports complex at the Academy for Peace and Justice, the timing could not have been better for APJ to have SC Beira Mar as a partner.

Research from the United Nations shows that participation in sports can help improve health and behavior, develop social and leadership skills, and have a positive influence on academic performance. Yet less than 1% of Haitian young people have access to sports facilities. The Academy for Peace and Justice is changing the odds for thousands of Haitian children—offering over two thousand students a top quality education, medical care on-site, and extra-curricular sports including soccer, basketball,  volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, and martial arts.

“When we heard about the work being done by APJ in Haiti we wanted to do our part to support them. Throughout the 2014-2015 season we will help raise awareness and hopefully more donations to the organization. Next year we have planned for some of our players to visit the schools and run a football clinic for the students during our offseason. This isn’t a superficial partnership, we are both being very hands on to bring sports to the students in Haiti.” —SC Beira Mar President, Omar Scafuro


At both the Academy for Peace and Justice and Artists Institute, we’ve made a substantial commitment towards growing the next generation of Haitian leaders. The new, permanent sports complex at the Academy will be an important source of pride for our students and the community, and a safe place where all our students will enjoy fitness and games. The sports complex will draw students from surrounding schools for interscholastic games, as well as local and international athletes to mentor students and coaches.

“APJ is committed to providing the highest quality education possible to our students, which means providing both academic and athletic development opportunities. This is our first partnership with a professional team, and we look forward to working with SC Beira Mar and are grateful for their support.” –Artists for Peace and Justice CEO, David Belle

The new sports facility will offer our students a permanent and safe place to play, exercise, and grow as athletes, teammates, and leaders.

This partnership was made possible by APJ Ambassador and sports agent Steve Hawthorne who is excited for the future of sports at the Academy for Peace and Justice, “APJ has done amazing work and this opens up new doors to allow the students in Haiti to be part of something new. I’m hoping they will all be cheering on SC Beira Mar this season!”

SC Beira Mar will unveil their new jerseys this Saturday, July 26th 2014 featuring the APJ logo to help raise further awareness throughout Europe for APJ and our work in Haiti. We are so thankful for this incredible opportunity to unite sports education and fun, go Beira Mar!

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