Exciting news from the Academy for Peace and Justice! Last week we installed a brand new computer lab in Wing II. Featuring 45 workstations furnished by Greenbridge Computing, these computers will use Khan Academy courses to supplement our existing curriculum beginning this fall. Access to the new machines will allow students to continue to strengthen their computer literacy and gain valuable new skills in Microsoft Office and elsewhere. This lab builds upon the success of our current lab in Wing I, and, with a third lab to be installed upon completion of Wing III in the fall, students will have plenty of access to new educational opportunities through the computers.

Following the installation, Headmaster Edy stressed the importance for the school, saying, “The reason these computers are so vital is because our students don’t have any access to computers at home. Here at school, they are exposed to all new opportunities that can help give them a better life.”

An enormous thank you to Seth Weinstein and the folks at Greenbridge Computing for their generous support and for helping the students at the Academy have access to the tools they need for a bright future!