A TV and film producer, Dana has been working with APJ since its inception in 2009. She worked on the Academy Award-winning film “Crash,” “In the Valley of Elah,” and the TV series “The Black Donnellys, among other productions.  After the earthquake in Haiti, Dana helped produce the “We Are The World 25th Anniversary” video to help raise money for the devastated region. She worked with the board of directors and staff to devise the founding principles and continues to create long-term strategies to ensure the children of Haiti receive the education they deserve.

I’m an artist for:

hope and infinite possibilities.

I’m driven by:

knowledge and discovery.

I’m inspired by:

people who stand up for what is right no matter the difficulty or consequence.

I hope Haiti:

and its people, through education, will encounter no limits in pursuing their dreams and inspiring change.

I believe education can:

transform lives and empower future generations.