On the eve of Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Raffy’ s first trip to Haiti, Artists for Peace and Justice would like to celebrate our partnership with Bovet 1822 and look towards a bright future together. The spirit that unites our organizations goes above and beyond anything monetary—our partnership is an expression of art, authenticity, heritage, and hope. We are so excited for Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Raffy to see first-hand what they’ve made possible through their incredible commitment and give a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Bovet 1822. We believe it is going to be a truly unforgettable experience.

Born in Lebanon, Mr. Pascal Raffy’s fascination and passion for precision began in treasured childhood moments with his grandfather. Captivated by the harmony of beauty and superior mechanics, a tradition was born. Mr. Pascal Raffy acquired the Bovet house in 2001 as a “Sleeping Beauty” and has since elevated its name with new life and vision. Mr. Raffy’s commitment to excellence honors the house tradition of timepiece craftsmanship that was inaugurated by Édouard Bovet himself in the 1800’s. 

Bovet believes in singular specialization with hands-on precision, a strive for perfection, beauty, and integrity. Active in over 30 countries and hailed as a masterpiece of machinery and art worldwide, Bovet 1822 has one charitable subsidiary: Artists for Peace and Justice.

Mr. Raffy witnessed the deeply personal and authentic connection that all the APJ Board members hold for the future of education in Haiti, a meaningful friendship was forged. Mr. Raffy saw his own values of integrity, ingenuity, and excellence in Artists for Peace and Justice. Together these two intimate, efficient, passionate, and effective organizations unite to deliver the highest standard of results for disadvantaged Haitian children, who deserve the very best.

Bovet 1822 and Artists for Peace and Justice have partnered for the Hollywood Domino Oscar Gala Event for three years in a row, as well as the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Artists for Peace and Justice Holiday Dinner this December. Personally moved by the long-term commitment and guiding principles of Artists for Peace and Justice, the next day a five-year deal between Bovet 1822 and APJ was inked for $4.5 million dollars. Bovet 1822’s significant investment ensures the continuity of free, quality education to some of the poorest, most talented, and fiercely creative youth in Haiti. Quite simply, Bovet 1822 makes our work possible.