This October, finally the children of Haiti will return back to school. We are excited to announce that thanks to all of your support, these kids will have access to the first free secondary school in the slums. APJ has begun to build beyond the 6th grade, which has been the standard education limit of this country. We will welcome 200 7th graders to our APJ secondary school as we continue construction on the remainder of the campus. Our goal is to build a school for grades 7-13, serving approximately 1400 students, with the highest standards of functional design and safety, that utilizes solar and wind energy, includes an amphitheater, a basketball court and an edible garden. We will incorporate training in the arts, film, music and computers in addition to vocational programs in agriculture, accounting and medical assistance.

Artists for Peace and Justice believes that getting the children of the slums back to school is a crucial step in helping them rebuild their lives. By providing a safe place to learn, two meals a day, clean water and basic medical services we are investing in the children of Haiti and providing them with the tools that will benefit Haiti in the long term. APJ is confident that this secondary school campus and its programs will serve as a best practice model for future schools and contribute to the improvement of the overall education system in Haiti.
Thanks to the effectiveness of our grassroots local partners, we have been able to overcome many of the obstacles that large NGO’s are facing in Haiti. There is still so much work to be done. Our medical relief efforts are expanding to support a new family hospital and to setup a blood bank for those in need.
We thank you for your continued support of Haitian children.

Reza Nabavian M.D. and Olivia Wilde
Co-Chairs, Executive Committee, APJ Board of Directors