In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, APJ has provided humanitarian relief for the injured population at St. Damiens Pediatric Hospital in Port-au-Prince. In addition to donating food/water/shelter, APJ medical efforts have been directed at providing limb salvage operations for children and adult victims of this horrible disaster. By performing complex reconstructive surgery and wound care, our team has been able to save many arms and legs.
Unfortunately, there was a need to perform many amputations in Haiti due to the nature of the injuries and lack of access to advanced surgical care. For the children who have lost their arm or leg, APJ has set up a rehabilitation center to provide the necessary physical therapy and wound care to hasten their recovery. Moreover, in collaboration with NPH-Italia, we will provide artificial arms and legs for our young amputees. By providing prosthetics and proper rehabilitation, we hope to improve the integration of this devastated group of children back into their society.

APJ medical efforts are in line with our mission to address the basic medical needs of our school children and is directed at training and enabling local Haitian providers to deliver the care.


Dr. Reza Nabavian, APJ Board of Directors