We are so excited to collab with PicsArt and the amazingly talented Artist, Loan Chabanol, on a fun photo challenge. Loan has helped design stickers for APJ that will be made available to PicsArt’s community of over 100 million monthly users in an editing challenge. The top 3 edits from the challenge will be featured on our social media. The users will share edits to Instagram mentioning @PicsArt and @artistsforpeace and use the hashtags #HaitiIsLove #picsart #haiti and #APJ. The challenge is hosted in the PicsArt mobile app accessible to all PicsArt users.


Loan’s work is mainly focused on creating figurative art pieces. Using different mediums and inspired by the world of animation she has depicted subjects such as self-empowerment and love which are both big editing themes on PicsArt.

The goal is to bring awareness to the younger generations and highlight the beauty of Haiti and the love that transcends it. Haitian musician Paul Beaubrun also supports the #HaitiIsLove movement by sharing the remixed images: “I want people to know that Haiti is truly a beautiful country full of resilient, kind and loving people. We are rich, our richness comes from our culture, expression and history.”


Looking forward to seeing all of your amazing edits. Happy remixing!!