Today Artists for Peace and Justice announces Susan Sarandon and Ben Stiller as our new Board Co-Chairs.

In a joint statement, Sarandon and Stiller say:

“The work of Artists for Peace and Justice, so essential to the present and futures of thousands of children in Haiti, has been a part of our lives for years.  As supporters of APJ’s mission to foster economic growth and empower local communities, we are honored to be joint Co-Chair’s of the Board of Directors for APJ to help steward the mission of the organization into the future.”

What APJ has done, and continues to do, is not only for 4,000 students in Haiti, whose poverty had unjustly blocked them from access to higher education, but also for scholarships for young women in Peru, Pakistan and Uganda. Because of the work of APJ, these students now have access to equal opportunities for study, giving them dignity and hope for tomorrow.

On January 4th we accepted founder of Artists for Peace and Justice Paul Haggis’ resignation of Chair of the Board. We thank him for his vision and years of dedication to the cause.

May we all continue to work peacefully for a more just future for all.