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fall interns 2014

Meet the Team: APJ Fall 2014 Interns

There are so many interesting, talented people who come from all over the globe and through our doors here at Artists for Peace and Justice. Their adventures, diverse perspectives, and commitment to social good make up an integral part of our work bringing access to education and healthcare to the children of Haiti. United by a passion for the arts, a belief in the transformative power of education, and a love for travel, we’re excited to introduce three new stellar interns to our New York office: Meaghan our Graphic Design Intern from Auckland, New Zealand; Ines our Development Intern from Madeira, Portugal; and Anna our Social Media Intern from Long Valley, New Jersey. Fun fact: Two of our interns speak Chinese, one’s learning Swahili, and they all have sweet tattoos. Welcome to Team APJ!

I’m an artist for:

truth and awareness.
– Anna

giving everybody a chance.
– Ines

creative and open expression.
– Meaghan

I’m driven by:

– Anna

positive change.
– Ines

– Meaghan

I’m inspired by:

the resilience and faith I see in others.
– Anna

small acts of kindness.
– Ines

– Meaghan

I hope Haiti:

can educate each generation in ways that will help lift Haiti out of poverty and become a strong self-sustainable and peaceful nation.
– Anna

can fully express and display their potential and their achievements.
– Ines

can preserve its culture and identity in the face of change.
– Meaghan

I believe education can:

give people the ability to empower themselves and the people around them.
– Anna

unlock the golden door of freedom, turn mirrors into windows and move Haiti from the darkness to the light.
– Ines

positively impact every aspect of a nation’s well-being.
– Meaghan

Ready to make a difference? Join our teams in Haiti, New York, and Toronto! 

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