Born in Burlington, Joël Denizot is an Audio Engineering Professor at Audio Institute: We Are the World School of Music and Audio Engineering. A self-taught drummer, guitar player, and musician, Joël has travelled extensively and worked as a stage hand setting up sound and lighting equipment for musical performers such as Elton John, Primus, and Melissa Ethridge. Diving deeper into the science of sound, he studied Electro Acoustics at Montréal’s Concordia University and interned with Cumbancha, a world music record label based in Charlotte, Vermont showcasing to exceptional artists from all over the globe. A year after joining the APJ team in Jacmel, Joël has fallen in love with the country and the people as he shares his passion for music by engaging talented young musicians in the culturally and environmentally rich country that is Haiti. Joël’s work is an inspiring example of international artistic collaboration and the power of arts education.

I’m an artist for:

making people feel.

I’m driven by:

the light I see in the world.

I’m inspired by:

the strength I see in others.

I hope Haiti:

can re-kindle the fire that is the roots of Haitian music, and that more and more Haitian people will work together to help each other, in music and in life.

I believe education can:

open your eyes.