Proud Native of Cayes Jacmel, Marie Mercie Andris, is a graduate of the Artists Institute class of 2009-2011, and a rising star in film production.
Marie Mercie specializes in production, having worked on various film sets for titles including: Samy 2011 (PSI/Haiti), the Arcade Fire music video 2012 that would go on to win an award; Lalo’s House 2017; and Machan Fig la, which is the second feature film produced by Artists Institute graduates.
Marie Mercie began her love for cinema at a very young age. Apparently, she was also a bit of an entrepreneur. As a kid, she would run errands for her parents in town—for a small fee—until she saved up enough to buy a ticket to the movies.
When the Cine Institute opened its doors and offered training in Cinema, it was her dream come true. She enrolled and quickly rose to the top of her class, displaying clear leadership and strong opinions by using the power of cinema to educate women from her town.
Marie Mercie has always been very sensitive about the situation of women in Haiti, and more specifically, in her hometown. Many of her friends and neighbors had to drop out of their studies because of unplanned pregnancies. Marie felt it was possible to change the situation with hard work and leadership…
So, in 2016, she ran to become the Mayor of her town. Her dream was to empower young women through education and although she lost her first campaign, she followed through on one her election platforms. Marie has started a community of local art groups that have become an outlet for self-expression and a voice for women’s empowerment.
Marie Mercie is a role model for us all, and she is leading by example.