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Back to School with Headmaster Edy

Happy October! We’re excited to announce that the Academy for Peace and Justice has officially opened for Fall 2014 with 2,600 students, bringing us even closer to our goal of serving 3,000 students by 2016. On our latest trip to the Academy of Peace and Justice, Headmaster Antoine Edy, shared with us why he is so excited for this new school year:

“When I go back to school I am very happy. The most exciting thing is seeing all the kids, especially the new faces!”

Antoine Edy has been our Headmaster at the Academy for Peace and Justice since the very beginning, when all we had was a piece of land and a dream to build a free high school for the very poor. Before APJ, Headmaster Edy worked as a Spanish teacher at another secondary school in Haiti that was tragically destroyed by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010.

“We have many very hardworking students.” says Headmaster Edy, and he’s right! APJ schools are excellent. 95% of Academy students passed Haiti’s national exams with flying colors for the past two years in a row!

Headmaster Edy is a positive role model to our students, a friendly face on campus, and central community member.  He believes in the power of education to change a nation—and so do we!

Please help us to continue to grow as our students grow,” says Headmaster Edy. “Each day discovering the joy and pride that comes with acquiring knowledge. Knowledge that will allow them to truly change their world, to endow them with the dignity and the tools to remake and rebuild their country.”

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